What I Do

I draw, I paint and offer my works for sale as orginals, giclées, note cards and greeting cards.


Acrylic painting titled, Wrapped in liberty. - click here to see it being created.


My florals are painted from life, usually in my studio after taking a trip to my local florist.

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I never get tired of painting landscapes. I love the feeling ow awe each time I look out at the vast horizon and see the endless natural beauty setting there befor me.

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Painting and Illustrating Children

Due to their worderful energy, I mainly draw my children subjects from a photograph, thats unless they're are sleeping:-).

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Nautical Paintings

Some of my nautical paintings were created from a detailed live sketching's, some from a photograph I had taken and some from my imagination.

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Waterfowl Scenes

Most of my waterfowl paintings came from my imagination and life studies sketches. My decoy illustrations I created by studying carver photographs or had the actual decoy in font me.

A side note - My works of waterfowl and of decoy illustration goes back a ways when I lived in the little town of Haver de Grace, Maryland. I will always hold a special place in my heart for Havre de Grace because, it is where I got my start as a professional artist.

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Most of the stucutures you see here are from life studies sketches.

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